New Meth Testing Laws for Landlords & Tenants

Did you know, if you’re a landlord or you manage a rental property on behalf of an owner – you can now perform a mid-tenancy meth test. You must provide at least 48h notice to tenants BEFORE entering the property to test, and landlords must disclose they will be testing for meth. The written report should be shared with the tenants within 7 days of receiving the report. Landlords will be liable for a $4,000 penalty if they’re found to be renting out a property that breaches the prescribed safe level (as set out in the regulation to come). Also, tenants have the choice to up and leave with two days notice if the property is deemed uninhabitable, causing loss of rental income and lots of stress for landlords or property managers. Further details regarding acceptable levels of habitable contamination are still to come, however should be available late by 2020. If you’re thinking of professionally and accurately testing your rental property for meth, book with us online or give Stephanie call 022 134 1621


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