Asbestos – The silent killer

By April 2018, all residential and commercial buildings constructed before January 1, 2000 scheduled to undergo demolition or renovation must have an Asbestos Survey completed by an Asbestos Surveyor. This is to ensure asbestos-containing materials (ACM) can be properly disposed of during demolition, and to avoid materials posing a health risk to site contractors and future owners or tenants. So why is asbestos so harmful to your health?

  • Asbestos fibres are needle-like and readily respirable. Loose fibres are inhaled into the lungs and lodge within the delicate lung lining causing chronic and acute health effects including mesothelioma and asbestosis.
  • Asbestos-related diseases kill on average 170 people each year in NZ.
  • Asbestos-related deaths are predicted to steadily rise over the next 50 years.
  • It takes between 20-50 years for symptoms of asbestos exposure to appear.
  • Asbestos is a naturally occurring mined silica mineral group.
  • Three main forms of asbestos are commonly found in building/industrial products today (blue, brown and white asbestos).
  • Asbestos is commonly found within:
    – Asbestos cement board
    – Corrugated roofing/fences (super-six)
    – Cladding (shiplap)
    – Roof eves/soffits
    – Building insulation
    – Decorative ceilings
    – Drainage pipes
    – Pipe lagging

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