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In many communities, homeowners are legally allowed to remove asbestos by themselves, with a few restrictions: Residential, not commercial: Do-it-yourself asbestos removal is limited to residential property. If the property is commercial, a certified abatement professional must do the work.

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How to Wear Your PPE/Remove Your PPE

PPE Kit $69.00 + GST

WARNING by using this kit you agree that you are only removing Class B Asbestos Containing
Materials up to a total area of 10m sq.
If you need to remove more, or need to remove Class A Asbestos Containing Materials, please call
us anytime on 022 134 1621 before you begin.

Safely wearing your PPE

1. In your kit you will find:

  • 1 x coveralls Type 5/6 (M, L, XXL)
  • 1 x disposable respirator P2
  • 1 x pair of nitrile gloves
  • 1 x pair of boot covers 
  • 1 x asbestos waste bag

Other items you will need include:

  • Safety Glasses or eye protection,
  • Wet wipes or damp disposable paper towles and,
  • Duct tape.

2. Tie back hair off face, or for men, ensure your face is clean shaven to enable a good fit for your mask.

3. Slip on boot covers and bow tie firmly around your ankles.

4. Carefully unpack your suit and slip gently over your feet. Zip up to top and firmly stick the tape down over the zipper.

5. Put on your respirator and press down the metal nose piece to the shape of your nose. Here you can do a fit test by covering the valve with your palm and breath in. If the mask crumples slightly, you have a good fit.

6 When wearing the mask, ensure one strap is above your ponytail, at the top of your head, and the second strap is lower close to your neck.

7. Put on nitrile gloves provided. You may also use some heavy-duty gloves under your nitrile gloves for extra cut protection.

8. Fit eye protection.

9. Finally, pull the hood over your head, tucking any loose hairs behind ears and under hood. Ensure all straps are underneath the hood.

Removing PPE Safely

After your removal job has been completed, and asbestos has been double wrapped or bagged up you may begin to remove your PPE.

1. Remove hood by rolling it inside out. Finish at the ankles and carefully step out of the suit. Place suit in provided asbestos waste bag.

2. Slide off boot covers inside out, and place in asbestos waste bag.

3. Remove nitrile gloves inside out, and place in asbestos waste bag.

4. Remove eye protection and wipe down with wetwipes or damp paper towel dispose of wet wipes or paper towels in the asbestos waste bag.

5. Remove mask by leaning forward and taking off straps. Place immediately in asbestos waste bag.

6. Wipe face down with wet wipes or damp paper towel and dispose of in asbestos waste bag.

7. Once PPE has been removed and area cleaned up, goose neck the asbestos waste bag by carefully and slowly deflating the bag, removing any air. Twist the top of the bag and loop around, fixing firmly with tape.

8. The bag is now ready to be picked up. Need your asbestos waste or bag picked up? Head to our website and book online

For more information head to worksafeNZ website.

You may also refer to the New Zealand Worksafe website:

Information for homeowners and asbestos:

Information for residential landlords and asbestos:

Information for commercial landlords and asbestos:

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Download our FREE Guide on
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