Meth Wise is one of Auckland’s leading environmental consulting companies. We provide expert, trusted and scientifically sound information to our valued clients within emerging contaminants of concern.

Our expertise ranges from meth screening and asbestos survey to land contaminated from former meth labs.

By choosing Meth Wise you are engaging a highly qualified, reputable and discreet company with excellent testimonials, plus we are proudly 100 percent independent. 

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Hill Laboratories (R J Hill Laboratories Ltd) is an analytical testing laboratory and a 100% privately owned New Zealand company. They supply a broad range of laboratory tests to domestic and international markets and use the latest technologies to provide the most accurate and reliable results available.

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Meet Stephanie

Stephanie is a keen surfer and passionate environmental scientist having expertise within contaminated land, remediation and environmental contamination.

After graduating from the University of Auckland, Stephanie pursued a career as an environmental consultant working within the Australian oil and gas sector and during the privatisation of the NSW ports and power stations. Throughout her years in Australia she developed a keen interest in contaminants invisible to the naked eye and kept health and safety at the forefront of every project.

Upon returning to New Zealand in 2016 Stephanie saw friends and family purchasing homes well over $1M. Stories of vulnerable families unintentionally being exposed to an emerging contaminant called methamphetamine (in their own homes) were saturating the media. The detrimental effect of meth on human health, especially in young children sparked her to develop a scientifically reputable contaminant testing company, who would report to homeowners, landlords and tenants the honest facts about the risks of living in a contaminated home.

“I personally believe families and youngsters deserve the best start in life and since 2016, we have been serving everyday kiwi’s and continue to do so proudly and with integrity.”
– Stephanie Brookes, Director.
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