10 Questions to ask during the Open Home

Interest rates are dropping, banks are loosening up lending and you’re thinking of buying a house. Here are 10 short questions to ask yourself (or the agent) during the open home about asbestos. Knowing that asbestos is costly to get rid of and causes serious health implications if it’s in poor condition, this article could give you an idea of what may need to be removed and possibly allow you to negotiate a cheaper price.

1. When was the house constructed?

2. When was the renovation done?

3. Am I going to be renovating or demolishing the house? If so, which parts of the home will I renovate?

4. What’s the cladding made from? – Is it well-painted and no damage to cement boards? Are there gable ends and are these made from cement board?

5. What are the baseboards made from? 

6. What’s the roof made from? Decramastic tiles or corrugated cement sheeting?

7. How are the soffits looking? Any of the boards broken? Will I be putting in any HRV system, heap pump or heat exchange system in through the soffits or cladding?

8. Is the deck made from wood or cement board panels? Are the panels in good condition, well-painted and not worn?

9. Has the textured ceiling or wall been tested for asbestos? If it’s known to contain asbestos, is it well-painted, hard and not delaminating onto the floor?

10. Is the linoleum in good condition? How many layers are there beneath the top one? If I wanted to renovate could I lay new asbestos-free lino over the top, or test the original lino?

If you love the house but are unsure of what contains asbestos, please give us a call. We can tailor an asbestos test for you prior to purchase, so you have a plan before buying.


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